South Dakota Sports Betting

This past week wasn’t completely about the United States election; it also doubles as the foundation for sports wagering in South Dakota.

Although the launch is still pending, there’s a silver lining that suggests SD will get in on sports betting soon enough. During the recently concluded election, the legislature enacted a South Dakota referendum bill to seek the voters’ opinion on the legalization of sports betting in Deadwood.

However, the journey of the legalization of sports betting started in January 2019 with the introduction of the SJR 2 constitutional amendment to the state’s legislative house. The resolution was blackballed abruptly.

Earlier this year, SJR 501 resolution was presented before the house- again. This time, it had a smooth passage.

According to Rep. Timothy Johns, a large number of people wanted sports gambling through an election. It’s important to note that; the resolution would help figure out if the voters want the legalization of sports betting. It’s by no means a final step to legalization.

Thus, the resolution succeeded in the last election, giving the only green light needed from South Dakotans to actualize this feat. Consequently, the legislators will initiate the process for the introduction of the South Dakota sports betting law. The populace seems to believe the launch of sports betting in South Dakota will push through in 2021.

The legalization of sports betting sites is now more feasible in SD than ever.

Online Sports Betting in South Dakota

Since the supreme court repealed the professional, amateur sports protection act federal law in 2018, SD has failed to enact any sports betting bill. Though there are plans to legalize sports betting following the voters’ wish, this has still not changed the fact that it remains illegal In SD. Are there alternatives for South Dakotans?

Yes. While SD doesn’t support legal sports betting-yet, it’s not completely opposed to the idea. There are 24 deadwood casinos regulated by the laws, and they offer a wide range of table games and slots.

Some other gambling options available to residents within the boundaries of SD are:

  • Wagering on the licensed horse and dog racing
  • Bettors have the option of pari-mutuel betting at approved satellite areas.
  • Charitable tribal gaming like bingo is permitted under the SD legislation.
  • South Dakota lottery

Daily Fantasy sports (DFS) is a gray area in SD. In December 2015, The South Dakota AG, Marty Jackley, declared he wouldn’t try any criminal action resulting from DFS operators. It can be gleaned that South Dakota merely permits DFS websites like Fantasy Draft, FanDuel, Draft Kings. Some Sportsbooks legally accept bets from bettors in SD. These offshore sportsbooks operate legally outside the state and have filled the vacuum of South Dakota sports betting overtime.

How Online Sports Betting Works in Sports Dakota

How to bet on Sports?

Though the Anti- gambling discredit that riddled South Dakota has almost finally faded, the available options to bet on sport are via sportsbooks and DFS.

Placing a bet on DFS is easy as pie and pretty much straight forward. The first step is picking a legal DFS site. Afterward, you will be given a salary cap. Choose the sport you have mastered in DFS and select a match. Set up a table of players that fit under the given salary cap.

Afterward, relax and watch the progression of the match. If your group of players turns out to be spectacular, you win the bet. Unlike other commercial gaming, DFS allows you to gain mastery of the game by playing a demo or placing free bets.

Staking on horse racing via sportsbooks is easy. Online wagering requires choosing suitable online sportsbooks and bet types. Afterward, click on the race you want to bet in, select a horse and the wager amount and wait for all the odds to play out in your favor. The Sports Dakota sports betting results are hinged on how accurate your guess is.

Online sportsbooks allow you to make a live bet on sports like horse racing.

What Can You Bet on Right Now in South Dakota?

The South Dakota sports betting law is still a budding aspect of legal sports betting in the state. Presently, there are no legal gambling sites or casinos for gaming, except for the few legally recognized tribal casinos that offer games and slot machines like roulette keno craps to SD residents. As stated earlier, you can wager on offshore betting lines and professional sports.

However, with the high possibility of South Dakota sports betting bill next year, bettors would have access to gambling on top international sports like:

  • NBA
  • Golf
  • NAS
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • League of legends league sports (LOL)
  • CFB
  • Tennis
  • MLB
  • Horse racing

Since SD has no professional sports teams, bettors would gladly welcome an opportunity to stake on local university teams like NCAA.

South Dakota Sports Betting Laws

SD state is one of the few states in America that hasn’t officially legalized sports betting; hence there are no SD sports betting laws. The just-concluded ballot on sd sports betting suggests we should look forward to the legislature legalizing sports betting soon. 

In 2010, SD passed an amendment b for the legislature to allow industrial development organizations to offer authorized bingo games to residents. This was a close call to legalizing sport staking asides the previous gaming compacts in deadwood casinos.

The state legislature swept off the first obvious attempt at making an amendment b to make deadwood gaming legal for want of support. Earlier this year, SJR 501 constitutional amendment proceeded to the ballot stage. The ballot measure succeeded and was approved this November, thereby laying a foundation for legal sports betting in SD.

As expected, the state legislature will set up a bill for the operation of South Dakota online sports betting.

South Dakota Sports Betting FAQs

Is Sports Betting Legal in South Dakota?

Not officially. There are no sports betting legislation in place yet. However, based on the ballot measure, it’s legal. There are other legal alternatives like DFS, horse race betting.

When Can South Dakota Residents Start Placing Bets?

Hopefully, Next year. With voters’ latest development during the ballot measures, online and land-based sports staking would be approved immediately after a bill is passed. 

Do I Have to Live in South Dakota To Bet Online?

No. Online sports betting isn’t state-dependent. Several states in the US have a state constitution that supports sports gambling. Ensure your state constitution is “online-betting receptive” before you wager. 

Is Mobile Sports Betting Available in South Dakota?

Not yet. Mobile betting hasn’t found its roots in SD officially. However, SD residents can explore offshore options with card games and slots.

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