Maine Sports Betting

During the 2019 legislative session, lawmakers in Maine introduced a series of bills on betting. These bills were on sports betting, one of which was on how best to legalize Maine sports betting. After the hearing committee had deliberated on the bills, they were all passed into law, except one. Governor Janet Mills made sure it did not make it into law.

While states like New Hampshire have legalized sports betting in their state, there are only talks about whether or not betting is legal in Maine. Maine residents are no longer worried about the legality of betting or Maine sports; they are only waiting for when it would become legalized in their state. This is because a lot of other states in the US have already enacted laws that permit interstate betting. It is only a matter of time before Maine sports are approved, too.

If you are a Maine resident in the United States and interested in making millions from betting, you should know that there is actually no law that prevents you from betting. The law has not only permitted physically-based online sports betting in the state.

Online Sports Betting in Maine

Does Maine allow sports betting? Maine, like every state in the US, has laws that regulate its online betting. Despite the lawmakers trying to approve the bill that would allow betting, Governor Janet Mills could use her veto power to override the bill on sports betting bill.

Maine residents interested in online betting have made many efforts to pass into law a bill that would legalize sports betting.

Mainers’ fate is hanging in the balance as they have to wait till 2021, when the new process of legalizing betting would be revisited during the 2021 legislative session. While this might seem like a long deal for them, it holds some promises that online betting has a prospect.

One of the interesting things about the bill to legalize sports betting in Maine is that it would allow betting online and offline. In addition to that, the bill was structured, carefully prepared, and thoughtful. If the bill had been passed into law, it would have legalized betting on electronic sports and excluded students in high school and college teams from betting.

The bill went through such a strong pushback because of the competition casinos in Maine feared they would face. There was also the fear that it would lead to addiction, facing gambling and losing money.

Despite the pending law on sports betting in Maine, Maine sports betting news common is that there are sportsbooks in Maine that offer online betting to anyone interested.  There are quite a number of these sportsbooks in Maine. Residents have nevertheless patronized these sportsbooks over time.

How Online Sports Betting Works in Maine

Maine Sports Betting Launch

Launching sport betting in Maine is dependent on several possibilities. One of these possibilities is dependent on Maine sports betting legislation. This will give companies and individuals legitimate reasons to launch betting in Maine.

The second possibility is the hope that this betting is not politicized when it is finally legalized. This is because casinos that are physically-based will get threatened by online betting.

These casinos would not welcome outside companies to offer sports wagering. They would rather support sports betting but only as partners that can be controlled. The Maine lawmakers proposed a tax revenue of 16% for online wager and 10% for land-based betting to resolve this.

Is sport betting legal in Maine? Mainers are hopeful that come 2021, the law to legalize sports betting in Maine would be passed, and there will be opportunities for online betting in the state. But some are worried that they would first have to contend with the political upheaval of casinos.

How to Bet On Sports?

Betting on sports in Maine is quite simple, even though it is not legal yet. Anyone interested in betting would have to choose one of the offshore sportsbooks to bet on. There are a handful of sportsbooks to choose from. Each of these sportsbooks has features that are peculiar for betting.

The first thing to do is know if the sportsbook is a horse racing or DFS betting. Once you have established this, you can then search for the sportsbook that comes close to the betting you are looking for.  When you find it, make sure to read up on the sportsbook, and all you need to know

Once this is done, you can then go ahead to register and place your bets on the betting. You can also speak to the operators as a further step to confirm what you need to know. It is that simple and straightforward. Every sportsbook has features that differentiate it from another.

Which Maine Casinos Have Sportsbooks?

Maine has different casinos, including Oxford casino, Penobscot High Stakes Bingo, and Hollywood Slots in Bangor. They all have sportsbooks.

Maine Online Sports Betting Partnerships

The partnerships opened to online sports betting companies in Maine are only offered by casinos that are physically-based in Maine as against land-based. And this is only possible when it becomes legislation. The nearest to this happening is if in 2021 the legislative session passes Maine sports betting into law.

What Can You Bet On Right Now in Maine?

Sports betting is not legal in Maine yet. This means that any betting done in Maine is done through offshore sportsbooks. What you can bet on, though, include:

  • Odds and props
  • All betting lines
  • Teams
  • Players across all college and professional sports

What Bets Are Available at Maine Sportsbooks?

There are few options available for Mainers to choose from. They include:

  • Sportbetting
  • Bovada
  • MyBookie
  • XBet
  • Betonline

Taking Advantage of Bonuses and Rewards

Every sportsbook has its different bonuses and rewards. Even though these sportsbooks are offshore, it does not mean that Mainers do not have access to them. Like every other player, they can access these bonuses and make use of them as they see fit. If you are not sure what to do with your bonuses, you can ask the operators.

Maine Sports Betting Laws

Presently, no law in Maine legalizes sports betting. However, the Maine legislature intends to revisit this betting law in 2021.

Maine Sports Betting FAQ CTA

Is sports betting legal in Maine?

Janet Mills vetoed a Maine sports betting bill that would have legalized sports betting in Maine. So, sports betting is not yet legal in Maine.

When Can Maine Residents Start Placing Bets?

Maine residents can place bets on any offshore sportsbooks of their choice – like New Hampshire, one closest to Maine. This is not illegal, given that those sportsbooks are not in Maine.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Legally Bet in Maine?

Betting is allowed for anyone who is up to 18 years of age.

Is It Legal To Bet On Maine Sports Teams?

Sports betting is currently illegal in Maine, so it would be illegal to place bets on Maine sports teams.

Do I Have To Live in Maine To Bet Online?

You do not have to live in Maine to bet. Whether you are in Maine or not, Maine online sports betting are possible through offshore sportsbooks.

Is Mobile Sports Betting Available in Maine?

There are no mobile sports betting physically based in Maine yet. The prospect of having mobile sports betting in Maine is dependent on the 2021 legislative session of lawmakers to pass the law to legalize sports betting in Nigeria.

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