Idaho Sports Betting

Despite legal action by the United States Supreme Court in 2018 that allowed states to legalize sports betting, some are yet to do so, and Idaho is one. Online sports betting in Idaho generally remains an unregulated affair. 

This is because none of the State lawmakers had decided to propose an Idaho sports betting bill to legalize Idaho sports betting since May 2018, who concluded the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) to be unconstitutional. 

Now, you’re probably wondering, does Idaho have sports betting? And if it does, is sport betting legal in Idaho? A casual glance at the state gambling laws reveals that Idaho sports betting is illegal, but in fact, it is just the opposite. 

What is illegal is bookmakers accepting gaming wagers and offering odds in the state of Idaho. However, as a bettor, you’re free to bet on sports online and offshore to your pocket’s content. Idaho has seven tribal casinos, and although none of them has online betting installed, legislators are considering setting them up just like in other states. 

Online Sports Betting in Idaho

The state laws do not permit the operation of sportsbooks quite alright, either land-based or online. That notwithstanding, Idaho bettors are presented with several offshore betting options. Since these sportsbooks’ operation is outside the jurisdiction of ID and within that of states where it’s regulated, it is not illegal to bet on them. 

Betting on horse racing is legal in Idaho, and some of the biggest advance deposit wagering operators, like Bet America, TVG, and Twinspires, also accept Idaho residents. So, there’s no marginalization whatsoever. 

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Daily Fantasy Sports in ID. In 2016, the Attorney General of the state, Lawrence Wasden, declared DFS as illegal and prohibited in ID. It has remained that way since then with no new update. 

Now since there is no legal backing to accompany your betting escapades, some shady offshore online betting sites may fail to fulfill their side of the deal and get away with it. Based on this, it’s important that you patronize well-renowned and trusted betting sites only. 


Idaho Sports betting launch

Sports betting has not been legalized, so there’s yet to be an Idaho betting launch. But you can still engage in sports wagering and real money betting on any of the few selected betting sites above.

How to bet on Sports?

To bet on football, you can wager on which team is to win a match, the match’s final scores, or particular players to score in the match. On selecting your preferred wager option, you confirm the amount you would like to bet and with, watch the match unfold and claim your wins for every prediction gotten right. 

Likewise, to bet on horse racing, you can wager on which horse is to win the tournament or place each horse. Whichever bet type you prefer, you select and confirm the amount you want to bet with.

All you have left to do is sit back and watch the match unfold. If your predictions come true, you win the wager. 

Sportsbook websites with horse racing options allow you to place bets on live matches and offer you a replay option if you miss a match. 

Which Idaho casinos have sportsbooks?

There are currently no casinos in Idaho that have a sportsbook at the time. Although there are offshore based sportsbooks, bettors can select from, which may come with risks since US laws do not regulate them. 

Idaho online sports betting partnerships

Idaho is not in partnership with any sportsbook operator. This is because sports betting isn’t regulated, and mobile betting isn’t allowed in the state. Only offshore sportsbooks that are licensed take bets from players.

What can you bet on right now in Idaho?

There are broad selections of betting options to place your money on with the right betting app. Although sports betting is not legal in Idaho, and the chances of legalizing it are low, as long as you’re signing up as a bettor, you can bet on sports online. 

DFS is excluded from the list, as it has been strictly banned, and offshore sportsbooks exclude residents of ID. As such, the only legalized types of wager gaming in Idaho are:

  • Football: The NCAA college tours and NFL tournaments may as well be the favorites in football betting in ID. Prominent sports teams you can wager on in the NCAA are the Boise State Broncos, the Idaho Vandals, and the Idaho State Bengals, the Boise State Broncos best to place bets on. On the NFL, the most prominent football team is the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Horse racing: Although there used to be available race tracks in ID, the last of them, Les Bois Park, was officially closed down in 2018. Since then, it has remained uncertain what would open a new racetrack or a former one reopened.

That notwithstanding, several fairgrounds in ID still host horse races randomly. Idaho players are permitted to wager on these races, especially if they are towards charity causes. 

What bets are available at Idaho sportsbook

There are currently no legal sports betting options within the state of Idaho.

Idaho sports Betting laws

The Idaho sports betting laws define gambling states its forms and distinguishes those allowed in the state from those prohibited in its constitution, Article III, under Section 20. Except for the state lottery, raffle games, and racing betting, all other gambling forms are deemed illegal. In sports, ID prohibits sportsbooks’ operation in the state in Title 18, Chapter 38 of its constitution. 

However, no stipulated sports betting Idaho law exists, prohibiting players from placing sports wagers with offshore online sportsbooks. 

Idaho sports betting FAQs

Are sports betting legal in Idaho? Not exactly. While Idaho has not legalized betting in the state, residents can still play on trusted BetOnline sportsbook sites based overseas. Refer to the betting sites’ lists above to find a high-quality Idaho legal betting site you can play on.

  • When can residents start placing bets?

Residents of Idaho can start placing bets when Idaho sportsbooks become regulated.

  • How old do you have to be to bet in Idaho legally?

The minimum age for legal betting in Idaho is 18 years. Individuals not up to 18 years of age cannot open an account on sportsbooks’ betting sites. 

  • Is it legal to bet on Idaho sports teams?

Yes, it is, provided that it is charitable. Any other form of betting online or offline is not regulated.

  • Do I have to live in Idaho to bet online?

No, you don’t. Licensed sportsbook operators can collect bets of players all around the US from states that have legalized sports betting, not just Idaho residents. 

  • Are our mobile sports betting available in Idaho?

No, mobile betting on sports in Idaho hasn’t been regulated and is unavailable in the state. 

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